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Modifications de l'espace aérien après la publication des cartes

Les modifications de la structure de l’espace aérien qui ont lieu après la publication des cartes au cours de l’année sont mentionnées sur cette page et intégrées dans les cartes numériques Rogers Data VFR.

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Modifications de l`escape aérien

Structure de l'espace aérien 2022 élaborée

Nos cartes VFR OACI 2022 sont présentement en cours de préparation.
Les modifications apportées à la structure de l’espace aérien 2022 seront disponibles prochainement.

Archive 2021

02 DEC 2021 – Serbia:
Added Heliport Locika

04 NOV 2021 – Serbia:
Insert wind farm (4501N 02109E
Withdraw CTR Uzice
Withdraw TMA Uzice
Withdraw Reporting points (RIBAS, TIBOR)
Add Reporting Point KOSE1
Renamed Reporting Points (BORA1, KREM1, ORLO1)
Relocated VOR DME NIS
Changed designator of NIS VOR DME to NII
Added TMA Kraljevo

04 NOV 2021 – Bulgaria:
Changed Elevation LBPD to 603`
Changed RWY length LBBG to 3202m

07 OCT 2021 – Spain:
Editorial changes

07 OCT 2021 – Portugal:
Editorial changes

23 SEPT 2021 – Spain:
Editorial changes

09 SEPT 2021 – Spain:
CTA LESO San Sebastian lateral and vertical limits

09 SEPT 2021 – Sweden:
Updated Minimum Grid Area Altitude

09 SEPT 2021 – Finland:
Updated Minimum Grid Area Altitude

09 SEPT 2021 – Greece:
Updated Minimum Grid Area Altitude
Skiros MTMA Vertical Limitation
Elevation Tanagra LGTG 486 feet
LGKV ATIS Frequency updated

09 SEPT 2021 – Latvia:
Updated Minimum Grid Area Altitude
EVGA new Mandatory Reporting Points
EVJA withdrawn

09 SEPT 2021 – Estonia:
Updated Minimum Grid Area Altitude
Danger areas EED12 and EED30 withdrawn

  • neu Elevation
  • RWY Length

09 SEPT 2021 – Lithuania:
Updated Minimum Grid Area Altitude

12 AUG 2021 Spain:
Editorial changes

12 AUG 2021 – Portugal:
NDB BJA withdrawn

12 AUG 2021 – Norway:
Updated Minimum Grid Area Altitude
Alta Frequency 118.100 withdrawn

15 JUL 2021 – Spain:
CTR & ATZ LECV Colmenar Viejo vertical limits

15 JUL 2021 – Italy:
VOR/DME BLA withdrawn
LI R 500 renamed to LI R 500 A and vertical limit changed
Aerial Work Activity Areas:
Montagnana Acro lateral and vertical limits changed
Legnago lateral and vertical limits changed
Arvalia withdrawn
Siena AD withdrawn
Argilla withdrawn
Foligno Acro lateral and vertical limits changed
Aquila Box Acro renamed and vertical limit changed
Massarotti lateral limit changed
Alessandria AD lateral limit changed

17 JUN 2021 – Sweden:
ESGG APP frequency added
ESGP APP frequency added
ES R 31 new upper limit FL85
ES R 31 new upper limit FL100
ES R 49C added
ES R 53 new upper limit FL95
ES R 57 new upper limit FL90
ES R 61 new upper limit FL70
ES R 115 new upper limit FL70
ES R 200A added (replaces R200)
ES R 200B added (replaces R200)
ES R 204A added (replaces R204)
ES R 204B added (replaces R204)
ES R 206 removed
ES R 208A added (replaces R208)
ES R 208B added (replaced R208)
ES R 209A new lower limit 3000 FT MSL
ES R 209B new lower limit 3000 FT MSL
ES R 211 removed
ESSD new runway length
ESSD new mandatory reporting point

17 JUN 2021 – Italy:
FMC Area Code and Milano Radar frequency change
LIBF Foggia Gino Lisa LDA changed
CTR Apulia completely withdrawn
CTA Brindisi 7, 8, 9, 10 added
CTA Brindisi 5 lateral limit changed
New Bari CTR added
New Brindisi CTR added
New VRP Bitritto (BDSE2) added

20 MAY 2021 – Italy:
Milano TMA 1 Lombardia lateral limit changed
New CTA Milano 19, 20, 21 added
CTA Milano 1, 3, 6 lateral limits changed
CTA Padova 6, 8, 9 lateral limits changed
DME TEV added
New CTA Calabria added
CTR Lamezia 2-6 withdrawn
New CTR Crotone added
CTR Verona 4, 3, 2 withdrawn
CTR Verona vertical limit changed
Crotone and Lamezia ATZ lateral and vertical limits changed
Crotone and Lamezia VRPs updated
Lamezia VRPs: Amantea (CANW2) renamed to Amantea (CANW3)
Pizzo (CAS2) renamed to Pizzo (CAS3)
New Foce Savuto (CANW2) added
New Foce Angitola (CAS2) added
Crotone VRPs: Foce Fiumeneto (CANE3) renamed to Foce Fiumeneto (BCN1)

25 FEB 2021 – Czechia:
Vertical limits of LKTRA 10, 17, 73
Lateral limits of LKTRA 18, 78, 79
New LKTRA 90, 91, 92
New lateral limits MTMA Caslav, MTMA Namest, MTMA Pardubice

28 JAN 2021 – Italy:
Withdrawal of dangerous areas for NATO operations: SONNY and LION

28 JAN 2021 – Poland:
New DME PSZ Pszczyna

Archive 2020

31 DEZ 2020 – Belgium & Luxembourg:
New lateral limits EBR 54, EBR 55, EBR 56
EBAW Antwerpen Deurne VRPs updated and AD ELEV changed
EBPW Pecq Warcoing frequency change to 136,140

31 DEZ 2020 – Great Britain:
EGNH Blackpool frequency change TWR 118,405 ; APP 119,955 ; ATIS 127,205
EGHH Bournemouth frequency change TWR 125,605 ; APP 119,480 ; ATIS 133,730
EGHE AD Elevation 121 FT
EGCW Welshpool AD Elevation 235FT

03 DEZ 2020 – Great Britain:
EGSC Cambridge and EGFE Haverfordwest frequency change
TMZ Moray Firth lateral limits changed

03 DEZ 2020 – Poland:
DVOR DME RZE removed
NDB OL and NDB CHO removed
Aerial working area Minsk Area removed

03 DEC 2020 – Slovakia:
Withdrawal restricted areas: LZ R 90, LZ R 100A, LZ R 90 A,B,C
New restricted areas: LZ R 315, LZR 415
New TRAs: LZ TRA 100 A,B,C; TRA 10, LZ TRA 09W
Withdrawal of TSAs: LZ TSA 09A, LZ TSA 09W, LZ TSA 10
TMA Bratislava 1 and 4 updated
TMA Kosice 1A, 1B, 1C, 3, 4 updated
TMA Priestany 1 and 2 updated
TMA Poprad 1,2,3,4 updated
CTR Stefanik updated
CTR Kosice updated
New aeroclub and aerial work activity Hornad, Prievidza 125
LZIB Bratislava Stefanik and LZKZ Kosice new VRPs

09 NOV 2020 – Germany North:
Changes to the Berlin airspace structure with the opening of the EDDB Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER). At the site of the former Berlin/Schönefeld Airport, the second runway was put into operation, thus expanding the airport to become the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). In connection with the start of flight operations at the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), there will be various changes to the airspace structure in the vicinity of Berlin. The resulting final airspace structure of Berlin as of 09 NOV 2020 is depicted in Annex. Pilots shall inform themselves about the airspace status before entering Class C airspace (HX). LANGEN INFORMATION also provides information on the activation status of the sectors on frequency 132.650 MHz.

05 NOV 2020 – Italy:
LIRP Pisa/ S. Giusto:
Implentation of the following Visual Reporting Points:

Withdrawal of the following Visual Reporting Points:

New aeroclub and aerial work activity:
Aviosuperficie Melendugno, Marignolle, Benevento Localita Contrada Delle Monache, Aviosuperficie il Gabbiano
Aeroclub and Aerial work activity area deleted: Strada Fornace, Torino Val Susa 1
New ULM Salgareda Corridor
ULM deleted: Aeroclub Brindisi Corridor
New national park: Parco Nat. Foreste Casentinesi Monte Falterona Campigna

05 NOV 2020 – Switzerland:
DVOR DME TRA removed
LSGC Les Eplatures AD ELEV changed 3368 FT
Editorial changes

05 NOV 2020 – Netherlands:
New aerial work activity area: Groesbeek
EHHA Amsterdam frequency change 131,505

22 OCT 2020 – Germany North:
EDDV Hannover TMZ monitor frequency changed to 131,330
EDDW Bremen Tower frequency changed to120,330 and ATIS Frequency changed to 132,380
EDDP Leipzig Halle Tower frequency changed to125,955 and ATIS Frequency changed to 123,955
ETMN Nordholz Tower frequency changed to 131,255
ETNN Nörvenich frequency changed to 136,205
HS Heliport Alt Karin withdrawn
EDAN Neustadt Glewe LDA 960m updated

22 OCT 2020 – Germany South:
EDDR Saarbrucken Tower frequency changed to 118,355 and ATIS Frequency changed to125,480
New UL Airfield Gersdorf added
EDDK Köln Bonn ATIS Frequency changed to 132,130

03 OKT 2020 – Netherlands:
Locator SO and VZ removed
TSA 101 and 102 lateral limits changed

24 SEPT 2020 – Germany North:
EDDV Hannover Tower Frequency changed to 120,180

24 SEPT 2020 – Germany South:
EDDV Hannover Tower Frequency changed to 120,180

10 SEP 2020 – Belgium & Luxembourg:
EBD31, EBD33, EBD34, EBD35, EBD36 removed
EB TRA 14 changed to EBD 39
EBR21 changed to EBD 38
EBOS Oostende Brugge AD ELEV changed to 7FT
LOC DD Frequency changed to 353

10 SEPT 2020 – Austria VFR Trip Kit
10_2 LOXA Aigen im Ennstal / REPs on request Bad Mitterndorf, Donnersbachwald, Gröbming, Hochtausing, Lassing, Oppenberg estbld
20_2 LOWG Graz / GRAZ RADAR freq 123,025 chgd to 120,440 28_1 LOGL Lanzen Turnau / AD approved OPS without AD OPS officer
30_2 LOWL Linz / LINZ RADAR freq 119,750 chgd to 125,685; MIL VFR route estbld
41_2 LOIR Reutte Hoefen / editorial; Engine-driven AC btwn 2,8t and 5,7t max starting noise level 82,3 dB(A) (noise certificate)
43_2 LOWS Salzburg / SALZBURG RADAR freq 134,975 chgd to 132,460
52_1 LOGT Timmersdorf / AD reference point; AD elevation; language [en] added; AD approved OPS without AD OPS officer
52_2 LOGT Timmersdorf / AD elevation; REPs added; TP MNM 3500FT; language [en] added
54_2 LOXT Tulln Langenlebarn / TRA LOXT 3; REPs on request Stockerau and Greifenstein estbld
56_2 LOAV Voeslau / Compulsory REP point Berndorf; REPs pos update
57_1 LOGW Weiz Unterfladnitz / AD approved for OPS without AD OPS officer
58_2 LOLW Wels / XPDR setting procedure withdrawn; REPs pos update; LINZ RADAR freq 119,750 chgd to 125,685
61_1 LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost / AD PPR; OPS HR; Position TWR chgd
61_2 LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost / Compulsory REP point Berndorf; REPs pos update
62_2 LOXN Wiener Neustadt West / Compulsory REP point Berndorf; REPs pos update

27 AUG 2020 – Germany North:
Heliport Hospital Teupitz added
EDDE Erfurt Weimar ATIS Frequency 133,455 added
EDVC Celle-Arloh LDA changed to 800m
Peene Werft Wolgast Heliport withdrawn
Neuerndorf Heliport withdrawn
TMZ EDLV Niederrhein Monitor frequency change 128,505

27 AUG 2020 – Germany South:
Goessenheim UL airfield added
Heliport Hospital Lichtenfels added
Glider area Schoenbrunn added
Heliport Hospital Amberg added
EDOT Greiz Obergrochlitz airfield symbol changed and LDA changed to 602m
ETSA Landsberg/Lech Militärflugplatz withdrawn
Heliport Hospital Waldsassen added
Heliport Hospital Weiden added
Heliport Pullenreuth added
UL airfield Arnschwang added

13 AUG 2020 – Netherlands:
Upper limit TMA NW Milingen B changed to FL055

13 AUG 2020 – Denmark:
Frequency change Locator EJ
New Heliport Esbjerg HEMS added
Editorial changes

13 AUG 2020 – Hungary:
Editorial changes

16 JUL 2020 – Poland:
Gliwice radio frequency changed to 118,260

16 JUL 2020 – Austria VFR Trip Kit:
LOLE Eferding Aerodrome: upper limit (7000 FT MSL) and dimensions TRA Eferding changed LOWL Linz Airport: upper limit and dimensions TRA Eferding; dimensions TRA Linz Ost LOLO Linz-Ost Aerodrome: dimensions TRA Linz Ost

19 JUN 2020 –  Austria VFR Trip Kit:
LOAG Krems Aerodrome: new freyuency 125,110MHz; rescue heli sector; editorial changes LOGM Mariazell Aerodorme: remark parallel operation not permitted LOKM Mayerhofen Aerodrome: phone number changed +43 (0) 4268 2543 LOGO Niederöblarn Aerodrome: REPs & Routes; phone number; Christophorus 99 added; coordinates; aerodrome admissible for; editorial change LOKR St. Donat Aerodrome: phone number changed +43 (0) 660 1447233 LOWL Wels Aerodrome: XPDR setting procedure terminated

19 JUN 2020 – Germany North:
In the area NW of EDDW Bremen the FIS sector was subdivided and a new FIS sector Langen 128,525MHz was established. The correct frequency for flights taking place northwest of Bremen (i.e. in the area of the localities Oldenburg, Bremerhaven, Emden and the offshore islands) is FIS Langen Information 128,525MHz

18 JUN 2020 – Great Britain:
EGHK Penzance Heliport added
EGKK London Gatwick Tower Frequency changed to 124,230

18 JUN 2020 – Slovenia:
Editorial Changes

18 JUN 2020 – Poland:
New aeroclub and aerial work activity DALKOW
Torun radio frequency changed to 120,660

18 JUN 2020 – Netherlands:
New EH TRA 15, TSA 100, TSA 101, TSA 102
NDB LLE removed
EHLE Lelystad tower frequency changed, APP and ATIS frequencies added
TSA 55A removed
TSA 55 lateral limits changed
TSA 50 vertical limits changed

21 MAY 2020 – Austria:
LOAG Krems Aerodrome new frequency 125,110MHz

21 MAY 2020 Poland:
DME OSY put into service
New RMZ EPZG Zielona Gora-Babimost
21 MAY 2020 – Czechia:
New LK TSA 60 Pisek
New NDBs LA and XU
LKNA Namest new RWY Designator 12/30

21 MAY 2020 – Great Britain:
EGLS and EGNP removed
EGGW Rwy Designator changed from 8/26 to 07/25

21 MAY – Croatia & BIH:
Holdings and VFR Routes added
DME Dubrovnik IDU added
ATZ PAG and RAB added
Editorial changes

23 APR 2020 – Great Britain:
Durham Tees Valley renamed Tesside Int. Airport
R704 Balmoral added
NDB FOS removed
EGCB Heliport renamed

23 APR 2020 – Switzerland:
RMZ Grenchen added Restricted Area LS-R West due to military reconnaissance drone Editorial changes

23 APR 2020 – Poland:
All MATZs withdrawn and replaced by MCTRs and MTMAs: EPDE, EPRA, EPCE, EPMB, EPPR, EPMI, EPSN are affected by this change. TMA Radom is equally MTMA Radom, LTMA Gdansk vertical limits change TMA Warsawa vertical limits change TMA Poznan North vertical limits change TMA Zielona Gora vertical limits change TMA Szczecin vertical limits change MCTR EPTM, MTMA Minsk Mazowiecki TRas and TSAs are illustrated up to FL095 MRTs changes, RMZs changes: EPSC, EPBY, EPSY, EPWA, EPZG, EPLL, EPLB, EPRZ, EPSL Editorial changes

26 MAR 2020 – Austria: RC model flying areas added on scale AUT 500k TRA West, TRA Bielerhöhe, TRA West, TRA Felber Tauern, TRA Glockner withdrawn TRA LOXN, TRA LOAN, TRA Krems added Update Obstacles Heliports supplemented and updated

26 MAR 2020 – Germany:
Many frequency changes Changes AD ELEVs and RWYs lengths Changes LOC und VOR/DME
Furthermore on Germany North chart: Updated to 8,33kHz TMZ ETNT added TMZ EDDP added TMZ EDDC added TMA EDDP updated Furthermore on Germany South chart: TMA, TMZ Munich updated TMA, TMZ Frankfurt updated TMA, TMZ Dresden updated TMA, TMZ Nuremberg updated

26 MAR 2020 – Hungary:
New TMA structure Budapest, aerial sporting activities and dropzones near Budapest changed New MTMA structure Kecskemet MCTR and MTMA Szolnok changed TRA 15 A/B/C withdrawn TRA 12 withdrawn TRA 41 and TRA 43 added Airspace F withdrawn: LHPP, LHBC, LHPR, LHNY, LHSM, LHUD, LHDC are affected by the airspace change. NDBs withdrawn Editorial changes

26 MAR 2020 – Czechia:
New TRAGAs Bubovice, Kladno, Medlanky, Letnany TSA 5 Brdy withdrawn TSA 7 Jince added Editorial changes

26 MAR 2020 – Italy:
Many frequency changes Changes AD ELEVs and RWYs lengths TMA 7 Bastia, TRA 427 and TRA 428 withdrawm TMA Milano VFR Sector Cles added VFR Routs CTR Amendola withdrawn CTR Zone 3 Venezia Many gliding airfields withdrawn Editorial changes

26 MAR 2020 – Netherlands:
TMA Lelystad and CTR Lelystad added TMA NW Millingen changes TMZs changes Editorial changes TMA NW updated TMA Rotterdam updated CTR EHLW updated TMZ North Sea Area updated TMA Maastricht updated

26 MAR 2020 – Belgium & Luxembourg:
EBR 67 added Beauvechain Climb-Out Sector 1 and 2 added Michelau added, NDB SLV added CTR Ursel added

26 MAR 2020 – Denmark:
Many frequency changes Changes AD ELEVs and RWYs lengths Few changes in flight levels

26 MAR 2020 – Great Britain:
Update to 8,33kHz Withdrawn: NDB CUL, NDB NGY Updated: NDB EX, NDB SH, NDB OX, NDB LE, NDB WL, NDB TD, NDB NT, NDB CL, NDB UW, NDB KW, NDB SS Added: EG D 005 A, EG D 005 B, EG D 323 L,M,N,P,Q,R EG D 323 A,B,C,D,E updated Added: Portsmouth CTA 1 caption, Farnborough CTR 1, Farnborough CTR 2, Farnborough CTA 1, Farnborough CTA 2, Farnborough CTA 3, Farnborough CTA 4, Farnborough CTA 5, Farnborough CTA 6, Farnborough CTA 7, Farnborough CTA 8, Farnborough CTA 9, Cotswold CTA 18, Brimingham CTA 10, Daventry CTA 23, Daventry CTA 24, Doncaster Sheffield CTA 13 Doncaster Sheffield TMZ added Doncaster Sheffield RMZ added Aberdeen P18 updated CTA ISLE OF MAN 3 updated East Mids CTA 1 updated Isle of Man CTR updated HOLYHEAD CTA 19 updated HOLYHEAD CTA 20 updated LTMA 3 updated

26 MAR 2020 – Ireland:
Updated to 8,33kHz LOC OE withdrawn NDB HB updated LOC OL withdrawn NDB OY updated NDB ENS withdrawn LOC OL added LOC OE added CTA EIDW updated

26 MAR 2020 – Slovenia:
Editorial changes

26 MAR 2020 – Malta & Sicily:
Editorial changes

Archive 2019

Incorporated airspace changes 2019

23 MAY 2019 – Austria: A lot of changes concerns new MTA Schober North, MTA Hochschwab, TMA Klagenfurt and MTMA Zeltweg 5, TMZ LOWI W Changes on variation OPS HR and last not least telephon numbers

23 MAY 2019 – Hungary: Changes in airspace structure, mainly affecting some border crossing points, and aerodromes. Border Crossing Points: NEKIN, OSDUK new Aerodrome LHEC Ersekcsanad deleted Name of airport LHDC Debrecen changed into LHDC Debrecen International Airport

23 MAY 2019 – Italy: Changes in airspace structure, mainly affecting some border crossing points, aerial sporting zones and parachute zones. Border Crossing Points DAXNU, KEBBU, OTFOX new Parachute zones Furbara AD – CIV and Val Vibrata Corropoli (TE) – CIV new Aerial sporting zone Santa Giusta (FG) – CIV new Aerial sporting zone Tavo di Vigodarzere (PD) – CIV changed into Frecce Azzurre Padova – CIV

23 MAY 2019 – Croatia: Changes in the airspace structure, mainly affected are some airports in Croatia and FIR Sarajevo in BIH. LDDU Dubrovnik Airport runway length changed LDZD Zadar Airport RWY Designators changed into 13/31

25 APR 2019 – Slovakia: Changes in airspace structure, mainly affecting some airport and CTAF frequencies. LZIB Stefanik ATIS frequence changed CTAF frequence of Lučenec, Malé Bielice, Martin, Očová, Ružomberok, Šurany and Spišská Nová Ves ATZ changed

25 APR 2019 – Italy: Changes in airspace structure, mainly affecting some aerial sporting recreational activities, danger zones, VFR reporting points and areas with sensitive fauna nature reserve. Aeroclub and aerial work activity area NOVE (VI)- CIV new Natural park Riserva fluviale del fiume Po Vercellese – Alessandrino new Danger area LI D11 – Novi Ligure laterale changed VFR reporting points VRP OLBIA NORD (EON1) new VFR reporting points VRP MONTE PINU (EOW1) and GOLFO DI CUGNANA (EON1) deleted VFR reporting points VRP CALANGIANUS code designator changed into EOW1

25 APR 2019 – Croatia: Changes in airspace structure, mainly affecting some aerial sporting recreational activities, danger zones, VFR reporting points and areas with sensitive fauna nature reserve, approach procedures. Border Crossing Points: LULUD, NEKIN, OSDUK new Border Crossing Points: ARGOM, BANUG deleted Aerial Sporting: JEDRILICARSKA ZONA CEPIN, JEDRILICARSKA ZONA BARANJA and JEDRILICARSKA ZONA PODRAVLJE new Heliport LDLO Losinj deleted Heliport Agrokor deleted VFR Approach Procedure, Significant Points close to LDLO Losinj changed VFR Approach Procedure close to LDPL Pula changed VFR reporting points U1 close to LDPL Pula new VFR reporting points R2 deleted VFR reporting points H4 and K4 new

Archive 2018

Incorporated airspace changes 2018
AMDT 29 MAR 2018 there will be some changes in the Austrian airspace, which we of course include in our Rogers Data aeronautical charts (Austria VFR Trip Kit, Austria 200k, Austria 500k).

The changes include, for example, new FIS sectors, a third frequency for “Wien Information”, altitude changes at LO D 28 and LO D 30, siginificant points, some changes at the TRAs (Temorary Reserved Airspace) Tulln, Spitzerberg, Stockerau, Greim, Location Indicator at Heliports, runway extension Zell am See, LLR Z3 (Low Level Route) regarding dimensions, gliding area Wr. Neustadt West.

There will also be massive changes in 2018 with regard to air radio frequencies.

Due to the change to 8.33KHz channel spacing all airfield frequencies will be changed. Only airports and military airfields keep the original frequency. In addition, the ATIS and Volmet frequencies will also be adjusted to 8.33KHZ. Also affected are the frequency specifications of the countless heliports with which the lighting can be switched on via radio.

The new frequencies, as far as airports are concerned, will come into force on 26 APR 2018 and the frequencies, as far as airports with ATIS and VOLMET frequencies are concerned, will come into force on 21 JUN 2018.

All Austria Rogers Data aeronautical charts (scale 1:200,000 and 1:500,000), the VFR Trip Kit and the Aeronautical Atlas will be available with 29 MAR 2018 and will already contain these new frequencies.

Using the new frequencies/channels before the respective date (when they come into effect) is compatible. This has also allowed us to use this procedure in relation to 8.33KHz.

The Austria VFR Aeronautical Chart 1:500.000, the Austria 5er Set VFR Aeronautical Chart 1:200.000, the Austria VFR Trip Kit as well as the Austria VFR Aviation Atlas can be ordered via the webshop.

Archive 2017

Incorporated airspace changes 2017
AUG 2017 – Czechia: AIRAC 10.11.2016, 30.03.2017 und 09.11.2017 frequencies of Czech Republic airspace change 20 JUL 2017 – Austria: Amendment TMAs LOWS – Salzburg, Austria Rogers Data aeronautical chart 22 JUN 2017 – Austria: Changes Approach LOAN / Wr. Neustadt 30 MAR 2017 – Austria: TRAs new or withdrawn, Control Area Salzburg, Model flying area new, Update of highly sophisticated terrain map with shading and relief, etc. 30 MAR 2017 – Germany: Changes in airspace C Frankfurt und München, CTR and D Airspace Paderborn, Salzburg, TMZ with „Monitor Frequenz“ and Listening Squawk, u.v.m. 30 MAR 2017 – Italy: Changes with AIRAC AMDT 02/2017 (danger areas, aerial sporting etc.)

Archive 2016

Incorporated airspace changes 2016
10 NOV 2016 – Croatia:
changes airspace structure, TMAs, CTAs and CTRs
26 MAI 2016 – Croatia: changes airspace structure, terminal control areas TMAs
28 APR 2016 – Slovenia: certain changes in airspace structure, terminal control areas TMAs, CTR Maribor, TMZ Portoroz, Ljubljana, reporting point W3
31 MRZ 2016 – Austria: Trip Kit and AUT 500k und 200k – certain changes in airspace structure
31 MRZ 2016 – Slovakia: LZPW Presov change of frequenze TWR 135,50
31 MRZ 2016 – Germany: changes at Bremerhaven, certain changes in airspace structure, control areas
07 JAN 2016 – Austria: changes at Trip Kit (LOAV Vöslau – VFR reporting point E, AV807 for IFR approach to LOAV new)

Archive 2015

Incorporated airspace changes 2015
15 OCT 2015 – Czechia: changes in airspace structure
15 OCT 2015 – Austria: changes at Trip Kit (LOGK, LOGT, LOWG, LOKG)
20 AUG 2015 – Austria: changes VFR-Sektoren LOWG Graz
30 APR 2015 – Austria: changes at Trip Kit, Set of 5 Charts 200k, Aeronautical Atlas (Approach procedures, reporting points)
10 APR 2015 – Austria: changes – LOIR Reutte – Höfen
20 FEB 2015 – Austria: changes at Trip Kit, Set of 5 Charts 200k, Aeronautical Atlas (reporting point LOAU Stockerau)

Archive 2014

Incorporated airspace changes 2014
11 DEC 2014 – changes in airspace structure will apply
01 AUG 2014 – Stockerau LOAU, new approach chart; changed procedure
01 AUG 2014 – Lanzen-Turnau LOGL; new aerodrome chart; changed LDA
04 JUL  2014 – Reutte-Höfen LOIR; new aerodrome chart; changed information regarding obstacles in safety strip
06 MAR 2014 – Wr. Neustadt/Ost LOAN; new approach chart; changed RWY to magnetic 09/27